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North Korea in Hideous Distortion

February 27, 2014


Originally posted on from swerve of shore:
Never before or since my short trip to North Korea have I felt so perplexed about the realities of a country. It’s easy to know certain things: it’s a hermit nation, it’s citizens have little to no access to the outside world, it’s been run by a family…

Friends of the Earth

February 5, 2013


[For original pdf, click here Friends of Earth] Featured in Masala Lite, February, 2013 Eco-conscious Indians tell us about the difficulties of leading a green lifestyle and starting a green business in Bangkok. Let’s face it: we’re far from the most environmentally conscious people. And living in Bangkok doesn’t make it any easier for the […]

Return of the Kitty

January 3, 2013


Cover story……………….. (Featured in Masala Lite January 2013, Thailand) [To view the original article click on the link below] Return of the Kitty We investigate share groups, the Y2K version of the auntie kitty party, and find out it’s still a whole lot of fun with a bit of cash on hand. By Reena Karim […]

Hope, they are

December 18, 2012


Issues……………. (featured in Masala Lite in December 2012, Thailand) [For ORIGINAL click the link below] Hope they are Led by young Indian professionals, Hope I Am is inspiring peers to reach out and lend a hand to the underprivileged in Bangkok. BY REENA KARIM Arriving on a Saturday during lunch hour at Sataban Saeng Sawang Foundation for […]

The changing role of women in Advertising

November 26, 2011


Over the years women’s role in advertising has not had much of a change, women back in the 50’s were portrayed as house wives, who had nothing better to do than to keep the children fed, the dishes dry and to be pretty for their husbands. The Folger’s coffee ad featured a typical house-wife, in […]

Women as sex symbol in advertising

November 26, 2011


A young seductive very aroused woman dressed in nothing but a pair of dark blue jeans is being caressed from behind by a man who is also shirtless, his left hand sliding down the front of her unzipped jeans. His right hand barely covers her right breast, while the other is partially hidden by a […]

How modern media influence our beliefs

June 23, 2011


Modern media or the internet is considered a boon to the wired world of communication and over the years it has held its place therefore creating a powerful impact on people and providing the world with vast knowledge and entertainment. Nonetheless, it is still debated that along with positive changes like giving common people a […]