Thailand’s Wedding Wows

Posted on June 26, 2013


Highlights of Masala Lite June’s cover story on Weddings in Thailand.

It’s time for Masala’s third annual Weddings in Thailand issue and the Wedding Fair. To get you excited, we round up Thailand’s little shaadi secrets to help you tie the knot with originality and style.

Skip the ballroom and head outdoors

Outdoor weddings would be popular among Indians if not for our addiction to air-conditioning. But if planned well, outdoor weddings can be gorgeous affairs and definitely more fun than a stiff ballroom. Luckily, Thailand is packed with spectacular outdoor locations that put fairy tales to shame. The landscaped gardens at Suan Thip by the Chao Phraya River are the ideal spot for an outdoor wedding. They can accommodate up to 350 guests on their lawn, which features dreamy lotusfilled ponds, swings perched under ancient trees, and charming gazebos. Suan Thip’s dedicated team helps you customise your wedding with several themes and options in table setting, flower arrangement, props, and a menu of your favourite dishes. For a unique experience, head on to Bankampu Tropical Gallery. Their natural rainforest-like surroundings feature a plethora of rare flowers and exotic plants, a translucent greenhouse-like structure, fish ponds, a waterfall, and a gazebo. The venue can accommodate up to 200 guests, and they offer many facilities, such as parking and great spots for pre-wedding photography., bankampu. com

Make memories in motion

We have come far from wedding videos that focus on guests at the buffet line and their self-conscious chewing under the old-school video lighting equipment. And luckily for us, videography has advanced both in technology and styling, and we can finally forgo the hideous ritual of adding die-cut images of the groom on the bride’s henna-filled hands. There are some young and creative videographers out there who are not frustrated filmmakers and actually specialise in wedding videos and believe in what they do. Take Tika and Na from Creatia Communications, for example. They don’t just document things in chronological order—wedding videos, which you can check out on their website, are beautifully filmed, well-edited, natural, and touching. Don’t just get anyone who knows how to use the camera to record your special day. Get a good storyteller.

Go green

Do you prefer saying your vows on a tropical beach in Samui or wish for a reception in a well-manicured garden? Well, why not be environmentally responsible while at it? Faraway Weddings understands the true meaning of being eco-friendly and knows how to be creative and fun at the same time. They use local fruits and vegetables for decorations, replace drinking straws with bucatini-like pasta, sprinkle the beach with biodegradable confetti, and recycle at their own recycling facilities. They offer several beach villas to choose from, with modern facilities and luxurious accommodation options, such as a bridal suite, a spacious sala, an outdoor bar, and a covered reception area in case of unfavourable weather.

Published in Masala Lite magazine, June 2013

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