Procastinators Anonymous

Posted on November 19, 2011


My posts onWordpress has been erratic lately and I dare call myself a “writer” (covering my face in shame).

Hi, I am one of you and I occasionally procrastinate.

There are things that hold me back from writing, firstly, this being my last semester at school and the pressure to find a job, barely gives me time for any after school activities, including laundry. Secondly, the internet in my new apartment just makes life even harder when it decides to quit on me every now and then. Lastly, there are those tempting TV shows that I just cant have enough of. Even if it means I have to be sleep deprived, I would never miss episodes of the Office and 30 Rock!

To think about it, I really should be spending time updating my blog rather than laughing at the very politically incorrect Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock, I guess this is my stress release.

I am almost nearing graduation, only a month away, I should focusing on building my blog as my resume, hoping that editors would glimpse through it if they want to hire me as a writer. Proof-reading this I see a lot of coulda, shoulda, woulda, this isn’t a justification (although it definitely sounds like it) but writing takes time and then there is the writer’s block.

I have drafts pending that need to be reviewed, edited and possibly trashed. Since I am an avid reader I have 5 books to read on my night stand 2 of which have to be returned to the library on time. Then I have a presentation, a psychology paper and an independent study class to start with. Seems like too much on my plate, but had I a better time management plan I would not be stuck in this rut.

But somehow there is always something to do, something not quite as important but equally time consuming.

So how does one make time to blog – here’s a few key points, just from the top of my head–

  • The first and the most important step is to have a Goal; having one makes things a lot easier, that is, unless, you have none. Wanting something really bad creates a desire, that motivates you to strive towards it and finally accomplishing it will give you a sense of triumph, kind of like crossing the line on a race track.
  • Second, create a Structure while writing like a 4 step plan, this would help in completing the task at hand with ease and the writer will not have to go through guilt related stress. For instance, Step 1: when you first start writing on a topic set a deadline. Step 2: if you have given yourself 3 days to finish a post, it is key to break up those days into tasks that must be accomplished over that period of time. This could be dividing the days into chores. Day 1 – a rough draft. Day 2 – another draft and editing. Day 3 could be final proof-reading etc. Step 3: Take a break! Step 4: Review it and then hit the publish button. This structure will help those who tend to procrastinate.
  • Lastly, ‘What to write’, this question poses a common threat to most writers. Finding interesting topics to write about is quite a challenge, some topics are great but they don’t last long enough in your head to pen it on paper. Most are general topics have already been out there in 99 different versions. Then there are some untapped resources that really hit the spot. For me I come across all the above frequently, some I remember most I forget about, so it helps me to jot them down immediately in a notebook or scrap of paper for later review. But I have to say that I take a lot of my inspiration from the people around me, whether traveling on the sky train, in class and conversations between ladies at lunch. There is so much to read in between lines, all we need to do is listen and see and, trust me when I say this, you will eventually find you way, then it’s all about going back to step 1.
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