Cracking nail color: a review

Posted on November 19, 2011


So here I am minding my own business, strolling through the extremely narrow walkway of Grand market; a bazaar of sorts that sells fish (as pets) along with sedated puppies (yes PETA, I hope you are listening), cheap clothes and shoes, and exotic Thai food.

My mission; to find a maroon red nail polish that apparently according to beauty sites is a great match for olive skin. Skimming through some really ghastly neon shades, I finally see a color that I like. I asked the sales woman if I could test it, with her approval I went on to apply the nail color. When suddenly she takes my finger and starts to blow air at it, trying hard to explain in broken English something about the nail color. Not really understanding what she says, I simply nod my head.

When the color on my nail dried I noticed something peculiar, the nail polish dried and it cracked! Now picture this, a reddish color that looked as though it was cracking, it had lines on it, kind of like the ones you see on an extremely parched sun dried field.

My first thought was that maybe I had applied it wrong, but then she showed me the box it came in. Believe me when I say this, it read “chapped nail polish”. Of course I was mortified seeing this ugly red cracking thing, I wiped it clean immediately. Although now I wish I had’nt because then I could have posted a picture so that you ladies could have barfed with me.

But I must admit that I was a little amazed and a tad bit curious to see how this really works. I glanced upon a pack with three shades, gold for the base coat, black goes on as the second layer and finally a clear coat to seal it. Reluctant to try the tacky gold, I decided to try a cooler mix of shades.

Going for the might-blue box, I applied a coat of white nail color, followed by an electric blue shade, then waited for it to dry (btw the lady seemed quite rigid on the drying part because she insisted that  it was the most important step) and lastly topped it off with the transparent gloss shine.

The process resulted in a blue nail color that shows hints of white. To many this may seem like a cool new effect, but in all honesty I couldn’t wait to wipe this horrible thing off my nails.

To conclude, this is the worst possible fashion statement I have ever had to go through and I thought that zoot suits and shoulder pads was bad enough.

Will I try it again in the near future, not unless my life depends on it!

For those of you who are interested, the set costs around $10, OPI has them in multiple shades.

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