iPhone survives skydiving fall

Posted on July 20, 2011


Apple’s iPhone 4 that accidently fell out of Jarrod Mckinney’s pocket while he was sky diving has miraculously survived the 13,500 feet fall.

Image courtesy CNN iReport

Mckinney posted his story on CNN iReport after he found his phone atop a two storey building about half a mile away from where he landed.

He was able to locate the phone via GPS tracking; absolutely certain that his phone had succumbed to the fall he was astonished to discover that even through the thoroughly cracked screen it still rang when his sky diving instructor Joe Johnson called it.

Mckinney said that he was unsure when the phone fell out of his pocket, since he was in a rush to “get out the door” he forgot to zip the pocket of his baggy sky diving pants.

He noticed his phone was gone when he dug into his pocket looking for it to take a video of his wife who had jumped after him.

“Bummed” that his phone went missing, he was upset about losing all the photographs and videos of his kids, since he had lost a phone in the past.

The iPhone known for its fragility had first cracked when Mckinney’s son had dropped it from the bathroom shelf, something that surprised him and he thought “that’s all it takes to crack the glass?”

Mckinney says that even through the whole ordeal he was impressed with the phone’s resistance to such a fall, he plans to fix the shattered screen and maybe even get another sometime soon.

He says he carries the phone with him in case he’s lost and lands away from the intended destination.

The smartphone is known to suffer from bad reception due to a design flaw of the phone’s antenna. Mike Gikas, a tech editor at Consumer Reports jokingly said that Mckinney had found a way to fix that problem by dropping it from a plane.

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