Mom injects 8 yr old daughter with botox

Posted on July 14, 2011


Mom Kerry Campbell injects daughter Britney with botox on her face and eye area, and also waxes her legs, while her young one wails in pain.

Even before the 8 yr old realizes what true beauty means her pageant obsessed mother puts her through painful beauty procedures so that she may win beauty pageants.

When asked for reasoning, the mother justifies her actions by saying that this procedure is common amongst mothers who groom their young daughters for such competitions.

When reporter Lara Spencer from Good Morning America asked Britney if she knew the reason for her painful botox shots, at first the 8 yr old replied “I don’t know.” To which her mother Kerry let out a grasp, as though shocked, then immediately Britney changed her statement to “Oh yeah, I do it because I see wrinkles and um, it just like I just like don’t think wrinkles are nice for little girls.”

When Spencer asked Britney whether she looked better with botox, the 8 yr old replied “It looks way better. Like beautiful, pretty, like all those kinds of nice words.”

Furthermore, pictures of Britney surfaced after her botox shots, looking bruised and swollen with an ice pack on her forehead.

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***Follow up***

This week, sources say that Britney has been temporarily removed from her mother’s home and Kerry Campbell is being investigated by Child Protective Services, on accounts of risky and potentially dangerous behavior towards her daughter.

If found to be unsuitable she will not be given custody of her daughter. It was also discovered that Kerry was a part time unlicensed practitioner who secured botox from questionable sources.

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