Man wants tax payer’s money to remove face tattoo

Posted on July 14, 2011


Rangiora, New Zealand -Carl Nathaniel Drewett once a white supremacist had tattooed “skinhead” across his forehead at 23, now at 28 he wants it removed to turn his life around.

Image courtesy of APN

Drewett had it done for $40 when he was in prison 5 years ago and today to get the same removed would cost him $2500 and 12 sessions of laser treatment.

Regretting his decision to get tattooed, he remains positive about the procedure even though it will be the most hardest to remove, as there are possibilities of scars after the treatment.

His probation officer is helping him to raise enough money for the treatment and is even considering applying for funds through government agencies.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Corrections has said that “a number of providers with vested interest in this offender’s rehabilitation have approached in regards to his tattoo removal.”

She also added that a community probation service manages an offenders rehabilitation efforts and his likelihood of reoffending, and stressed that they do not provide additional funding for tattoo removal.

While Drewett is fully aware that the money spent for his treatment will come from tax payer’s wallet he stresses that “everyone makes mistakes, some worse than others”, further adding that “everyone deserves a second chance, the more help I can get the better.”

He is saving up money each week for the procedure and his mother has also offered to help him out.

He hopes to start the treatment soon, so by the time his home detention sentence is over in a year that his tattoo would also have been removed.

He strongly believes that the removal will also open doors for him in terms of employment and that he wont be judged by people as “a dodgy loser criminal.”

Drewett who has had an extensive criminal record was charged with intentionally injuring a man and two charges of drunken driving causing injury. As a result he was sentenced to a year’s home detention and also banned from driving for a year and a day.

He has also clarified that he adopted the white supremacist belief through his uncle, but now wants to leave that life behind for a fresh start.

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