Couple digs up gold coins in their cellar

Posted on July 14, 2011


Image courtesy APF

A French couple who wish to remain anonymous have found 34 pieces of gold coins in their cellar, which is said to be worth 100,000 Euros ($140,000).

The coins which date back from 1595 to the French Revolution was found in small clay pot in the cellar when the couple were working on their drains at their Millau home in Southern France.

According to the French law they are allowed to keep the treasure as it was found on their property.

Coin expert Mark Aiguoy has offered to buy the coins from the couple or organize an auction of them. He says the most valuable of them is a coin from the reign of Louis XIII which could be worth 6,500 euros.

As of now the couple are yet to make a decision regarding the sale of the coins.

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