Treasure worth Billions found in an underground vault at a southern India temple

Posted on July 11, 2011


Treasures worth Billions of dollars have been unearthed from 2 of 4 secret vaults within underground chambers of a temple in southern India.

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Thought to be dated back to the 18th century, the jewelry, precious stones and gold coins “cannot be valued in terms of money” says local lawyer Sundar Rajan. Who has also filed a petition to the Indian Supreme Court demanding to take over control from the present temple management as they were incapable of protecting the wealth due to lack of security.

The Supreme Court had appointed a seven member panel to enter and asses the value of the objects that were opened after 130 years. Only two of the four vaults have been opened thus far, the attention garnered from this has led to speculations that the last 2 vaults may hold much more valuable objects than the 2 vaults opened previously.

The current Maharaja of Travancore has appealed to the Supreme Court against Rajan’s petition, stating that the he had the right to control the temple under a special law that was enacted after the Independence of India, giving rights to the ruler of Travancore.

The Supreme Courts had rejected his appeal and contradicted his claim stating that the Maharaja’s in India have no special status and are treated as ordinary citizens.

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