Man walks out with Picasso

Posted on July 11, 2011


Image Courtesy of San Francisco Gallery

An identified man walked into San Francisco Gallery, bravely took a Picasso worth $200,000 and walked back into a waiting taxi, all in broad daylight.

The suspect identified by CCTV as a 30-35 year old male well dressed with dark glasses stole Picasso’s famous pencil drawing “Tête de Femme.”

President of the Gallery Rowland Weinstein said the piece was one of Picasso’s works that he had given to his driver and the gallery had acquired it in May.

He also expressed his concern over the preservation of the art.

Historian Sharon Flescher, of the International Foundation for Art Research says that “the legitimate collectors won’t touch it.” Over which Weinstein also stated that realizing this, the thief would try to dispose the art “in a les than proper manner.”

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