McDonald’s to offer McWedding for only $129!

Posted on June 29, 2011


Starting 2011 McDonalds has a “hot” item on their menu, that’s right for now only $129 (HK$1000) you could have your wedding at any McD outlet in Hong Kong.

It all started when a couple who met at McDonald’s decided to tie the knot at the same restaurant. They called in to make reservations and as they say the rest was history.

The news of such an unusual wedding location spread like wild fire, thereafter McDonald’s started getting calls from couples for similar requests.

Taking this new trend into consideration the chain decided to officially have it on its menu.

The McWedding package comes with an apple pie wedding cake, McDonald themed gifts, personalized menu and decorations and to top it all a French fry in place of a cherry, a tradition a couple shares before kissing.

This might not be the dreamiest of all locations but it sure would be the most memorable and affordable as weddings in Hong Kong could be well over $1300 (HK$10,000). The only down side to this would be that the guests would not be served alcohol, as the chain does not offer any alcoholic beverage. And of course total privacy cannot be guaranteed as other customers could just walk in and grab a bite.

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