“Iron lady” bag sold for £25,000

Posted on June 28, 2011


An Asprey leather bag belonging to former Prime Minister of Britain and fondly remembered as the “Iron Lady” was sold for £25,000, about 75% short of its expectations.

The famous bag that belonged to Margaret Thatcher was bought by an unnamed Cypriot who is thought to have studied in Britain during her time.

The auction was organized by ex-Conservative Party deputy chairman Jeffrey Archer and the proceeds from the sale will be given to Combat Stress, the British Forces Foundation and Debra, a skin condition charity.

The bag was said to be owned by the Baroness for over 30 years and was used as a filing cabinet during her time in politics.

Edwina Currie, a former minister during Thatcher’s government said that her handbag had contained documents, notes to herself about events and thoughts about various things. It was like “an additional hard drive”.

image courtesy Christie’s 2011

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