The Emperor swims from Antarctic to New Zealand

Posted on June 23, 2011


A young emperor penguin has mysteriously showed up at the North Island of New Zealand.

Experts say that the 10 month old penguin may have taken a “wrong turn” while searching for squid and krill and accidently arrived on the Kapiti coast.

He was first sighted by Christine Wilton, a local who was walking her dog; she said that she thought to be “seeing things”.

The Department of Conservation are puzzled by the sudden arrival of its 80 cm tall visitor. They shed some insight on this particular breed, saying that they are the tallest and largest of all penguin species and can grow upto 4ft high and they usually stay in packs. The sighting of this bird has been the first in New Zealand in 44 years.

The visitors that have flocked to see this exotic being are advised not to bother it and to keep their dogs on leasch.

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