Man arrested at airport for wearing baggy jeans

Posted on June 22, 2011


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San Francisco -Deshon Marman 20, a football player at the University of New Mexico, was asked by 3 US Airways employees to pull up his baggy jeans but refusal to do so resulted in him being arrested.

Marman was boarding the Phoenix bound flight when employees of the airline asked him to pick up his pants as it displayed his underwear, and might make other passengers feel uncomfortable. The student responded then by saying that he shouldn’t have to as he had purchased a ticket.

When asked to get off the flight by the Captain, Marman refused again, that’s when the police and airport security were called in to assist.

Marman resistance to being handcuffed by the police led the captain to deplane other passengers.

Marman’s mother Donna Doyle stated that her son was distressed as he had just attended the funeral of his friend and former teammate.

County officials say that Marman will face prosecution on Monday.

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