Ecco drive: a super stunner!

Posted on June 21, 2011


Designed by Nau – an international design and architectural group, this concept vehicle is said to be inspired by classic cars such as the Volks Wagon Camper and Airstream RV. Although smaller, 8ft by 15ft, this mean ride is all about compact traveling. Packed with the latest green technology and sleek interiors, this 3 wheeler is sure to make heads turn with its futuristic design.

The Ecco car comes fitted with a small kitchen, a toilet and shower, living area and an extra bed. At a reclining position it even opens up an extended roof that can serve as a sleeping loft.

Aimed at being mobile living, Ecco seems to be the solution to camping with style.

Eloquently designed and environment friendly, could innovative concepts like Ecco be the answer to present pollution problems.

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