Guests rob hotels of $100 Million

Posted on June 20, 2011


The hotel industry incurs significant loss due to light-fingered guests.

From towels, bath products to even flat screen television, the guests leave all shame and guilt behind to steal from their hosts.

The Hotel industry reports an estimate loss of $100 million a year but have yet to come up with a solution. Securing painting, remote controls and other things have not solved much, as guests often find other ways to help themselves.

Selling some of the items in the souvenir shop has helped in cutting down the losses, but the stealing continues nevertheless.

Some guests claim that it’s like getting the most of out their money, since many complain of being ripped of by the hotels. They see it as getting even.

Smaller hotels are minimizing the quality of their in-room products so that the loss would not hurt as much.

However larger chains refuse to sacrifice quality over losses.

Like Murray Browatzke of La Posada resorts states that “it’s expensive and frustrating” but it still wouldn’t change his decision to serve his guests with top notch amenities.

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