Woman dies during liposuction

Posted on June 16, 2011


Image courtesy of: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/06/14/2266917/woman-dies-during-cosmetic-surgery.html

Marie Shortall, 38, died during a liposuction treatment at a Weston cosmetic surgery clinic.

Shortall had saved $3,600 for the surgery that was carried out at Alyne Center for Cosmetic Medicine. During the procedure an employee of the center found the victim not breathing, she made a 911 call at 3:10 pm and reported the incident.

Shortall was rushed to Cleveland Clinic Hospital and was declared dead on arrival.

The surgery was unknown to her teenage daughter, who was shocked when she found out that her mother had died. In a statement 15 year old Vania Briones said “No one should have to go through the pain my family is feeling,” “I will miss my mom forever”.

Broward Sheriff’s Office is looking into the investigation of the case. Florida records show that there has been no history of complaints against the center or the Doctor who performed the surgery.

The owner of the center Lynne Ulevich and Dr. Alberto San Antonio are unavailable for comment.

Attorney Michael Freedland representing Shortall’s family has issued a statement suggesting that he would bring the center to bankruptcy and would file to take away their license if found guilty of wrongful procedure.

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