Mad-Hatters at Ascot race

Posted on June 16, 2011


The 300year old tradition of thoroughbred horse racing clearly brought out the humorous side of the British, are they possibly “heading” back to the Victorian era.

The British Royals and dignitaries have traditionally known to be conservative and more often than not perceived to have a stiff upper lip. A virtue, more than an idiom, found symbolic of upper class British. Defined as displaying resilience in the face of adversity, however not to be confused with stoicism.

The British upper classes have mostly carried themselves with the aura of royalty, after all HM Queen Elizabeth II set the mould and who doesn’t want to fit in with that.

The recent royal wedding showcased the fashion parade of the season, from designer couture, $1000 heels to Philip Treacy’s extraordinary hats.

Everyone from HM the Queen to the who’s who of the celebrity world came lock, stock and barreled with style and some awkward fashion faux pas. But nonetheless they craved their names in one of the most sought after events.

A month later they were back again this time bringing the crazy to town in an endless parade of bizarre fashion.

The Royal Ascot Derby this year was dedicated to HM the Queen for her Diamond Jubilee reign on the throne.

The event kick started on Tuesday the 14th of June with the traditional procession of the royal family followed by the first round of races.

The affaire also saw an unusual parade of unique party hats worn by some of the attendees.

From beautiful to just outrageous, this is one event that does not judge you on what you wear instead it applauds people who don the most wacky headgears.

These are my picks of the bold and beautiful!

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