Wales: Baby Blackbird nests in car engine

Posted on June 14, 2011


On a sunny afternoon, one Mrs. Maureen Morris from Wales suddenly discovered that her 4X4 rugged jeep engine made a comfortable home to a brood of baby Blackbirds.

The four chicks seemed to have nestled their way under Maureen’s car bonnet and made home for a few weeks.

This discovery was initiated by Maureen’s dog Scooby who began to paw at the front of the car, leading his owner to a rather unusual find.

When Mrs. Morris touched the birds to see if they were alive, they “opened they eyes and beaks, expecting to be fed”.

Mrs. Morris was surprised at how the birds stayed unharmed even though she had driven over a 100miles to attend a recent family wedding.

The authorities have suggested that the parents of the chicks could have made their way in to the engine from underneath the car.

Experts have advised the shocked owner of the vehicle to leave the chicks undisturbed until they fly out normally.


I am sure Mrs. Morris did not expect to find something this unusual in her car. This definitely tops my list of “The weirdest things found under the bonnet of a car”.

Well to be fair, I haven’t found very many weird things in my car, but I do wonder is there anything that would topple this one. So of course I had to research to find possibilities…so far this is what I got-

SO here it goes

  1. Baby blackbirds
  2. A Gideon’s Bible ( this proves the theory that God is everywhere)
  3. A partially eaten sandwich under the carpet of the gas pedal (pretty disgusting)
  4. Dirty diapers
  5. Pictures of topless women with a groom (a bachelor party, I assume)
  6. Cremated remains (found this one online)

As it turns out this list is actually quite exciting, well now I will keep updating this as and when I hear things from friends, but this list will be epic…someday!!

Moral of the story: Got none!

Edited by Samreen Karim

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