Nepal: Lost hiker survives on plants and prayers!

Posted on June 14, 2011


49 year old Makiko Iwafuchi from Japan decided to embark on a leisurely walk from her hotel in Gosainkunda Lake, north of Kathmandu, to soon discover that she was lost in the woods.

She had accidently strayed away 500mts from the trekker’s path and was unable to find her way back.

Makiko survived her horrifying escapade by taking shelter in caves and rocks, and protecting herself with leaves.

She had kept herself constantly hydrated with water, ate plants and lived 13 days on prayers. During which she vowed to be a better person if she had made it out and also thought about the different foods she would eat, once home.

The police and other search parties sought to locate her the day after she was reported missing, she was eventually found by local villagers.

Makiko was grateful to all those who helped find her and also swore to never hike alone.Image Courtesy

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