Move over Gates, Buffett and Allen, China’s Zong, Dai and Liu are taking over the Millionaire list

Posted on June 14, 2011


With China now securing its place as the world’s second largest economy, it is about time that its Billionaires get global recognition.

In a country of 1.4 Billion inhabitants, 960,000 are recognized millionaires in the flourishing mainland. With private owned enterprises to renowned outsized exports, there is nothing stopping these brilliant minded businessmen to lead China to become the world’s fastest growing economy.

These self-made entrepreneurs tell a remarkable tale of rising from rags to riches, from poverty to wearing the most luxurious watches. Many of these Billionaires rose from extremely poor families; 40 something Dai Zhikang talks about how he played shepherd to pigs and cows growing up and now he sits on an empire rich enough to feed a small village.

The sudden surge of wealthy middle class has increased considerably over the years and as of now they do not seem to slow down either.

The rich in China now not only earn the big money but live it as well.

From designer labels, tailor made power suits to $50,000 Patek Philippe time pieces and high end luxury sedans. The next generation of Billionaires are living it full-size, which is becoming a concern for traditionalists who fear that their children might throw away their family fortune on worldly pleasures rather than building on it.

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